About Us

About Us

Active Luton is about much more than just sport.

Our wide-ranging and far-reaching work as Luton’s leading sport and leisure trust strives continually to improve the lives of Luton’s residents whatever their age, ability, way of life or culture.

We develop and promote affordable, accessible and inclusive opportunities in Luton to play sport, join a gym or swimming pool and take part in fitness and physical activity, improve health and general wellbeing and enhance careers.

Our work can be divided into three main areas.

Leisure Centres, Gyms and Swimming Pools in Luton

We run Luton’s leading leisure centres with fully equipped gyms, swimming pools and a wide range of fitness classes. These are Inspire: Luton Sports Village, Lewsey Sports Park and Swimming Pool, Lea Manor Recreation Centre (and swimming pool), Hightown Community Sports and Arts Centre, Stockwood Park Athletics Centre, Stockwood Park Golf Centre and Dell Farm Outdoor Centre.

Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

We run programmes to encourage, motivate and help people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities to benefit from fitness and physical activity to improve their health and wellbeing. We work with medical professionals and health organisations to deliver personalised programmes for people with specific medical conditions.

Education, Training and Development

We deliver high-quality training and development to further not only the careers of our own staff, but also those of teachers in Luton and the wider business community.


Active Luton is an Equal Opportunities employer. Click here for our gender pay gap information and data.