Women only Swimming Sessions Luton 01

Women-only Swimming Sessions in Luton

When it comes to going for a swim, it can feel a little daunting being in your swimwear in front of a pool full of strangers, but we don't want this to put you off swimming and the many benefits that come with it! We also have an open dress policy so you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in to swim, as long as it is safe, clean and modest and not excessively baggy.   Our special women only swim sessions at our 4 pools around Luton, see below, are either women-only or women and children only sessions, and have a female lifeguard with no viewing. Dip your toe in soon...


Find out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of swimming and becomming a little healthier, fitter and happier on Swim England's website.   If you are interested in women-only fitness activities, not just swimming, why not join our fantastic Me Time programme that’s got nearly 3,000 women active together all over Luton!