• From Monday 17th December – Wednesday 19th December, Lewsey Sports Park Swimming Pool will be closed from 09.00 – 17.00hrs. During lunch time hours members can use Lea Manor Recreation Swimming facilities instead. 


What is Poolpod?

Poolpod is an award winning state-of-the-art pool hoist which was designed for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games. The Poolpod offers easy, quick and dignified access to pools for people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities which make accessing swimming pools difficult.

Where is Poolpod available?

The Poolpod is available for use in both the community and competition pools at Inspire: Luton Sports Village. 

Who can use Poolpod?

Poolpod is available to help access into and out of the pool. It can be used by anyone with mobility issues such as parents with young children, those recovering from an injury, pregnant women or wheelchair users. Unlike other pool hoists, the Poolpod also enables two users at one time, offering additional support and confidence helping carers and patients or parents with young children for example. 

How does it work?

The Poolpod is operated by a wristband control removing the need for pool attendant intervention. The wristband lets the user control movement in and out of the pool via the Poolpod lift. In less than 20 seconds users can go from poolside to swimming - completely independently.

Also incorporated into the system is a custom-designed wheelchair enabling users to transfer to the Poolpod wheelchair in the comfort and privacy of the changing room, removing the need for people to make a poolside transfer from a wheelchair into an assistant operated hoist. The Poolpod wheelchair allows the user to remain seated until they are comfortable with the water depth too. It can also be used whilst standing.

To use the Poolpod simply speak with reception on your arrival.