NEW Class Cancellation Policy from 1 May

Friday, 13 April 2018

NEW Class Cancellation Policy from 1 May

New class cancellation policy – effective 1 May 2018


A new group fitness class cancellation policy will be effective from 1 May and will mean that you must cancel any class bookings EIGHT hours prior to the class. 

You can do this online or by calling/visiting the centre. If you don’t cancel your class at least eight hours beforehand you’ll receive a strike on your account.  THREE strikes will result in a £6 charge.

The new policy will also mean that you will lose your pre-booking privileges until the £6 charge has been paid.  While the charge is still on your account you will only be able to book on the day.


Don’t be a no show…CANCEL YOUR BOOKING!


  1.           You have EIGHT hours prior to a class to cancel
  2.           Failure to cancel min EIGHT hours beforehand will mean a strike
  3.           THREE strikes will mean a £6 charge
  4.           Your booking privileges will be revoked until the £6 is paid

This new policy is designed to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to take part in group fitness classes and get the most out of their membership. For more information please read through our FAQ

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