Thursday, 22 November 2018

Active Luton has demonstrated its commitment to inclusive access to sport and physical activity by investing nearly £30k in a new, state-of-the-art pool lift at Inspire: Luton Sports Village. The Poolpod offers easy, quick and dignified access to pools for people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities which make accessing swimming pools difficult. The Poolpod is available for use in both the community and competition pools at Inspire.

Designed for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, this new state-of-the-art lift makes accessing swimming pools much easier for a wide range of customers including anyone who is recovering from an injury, parents with young children, pregnant women or wheelchair users.

The Poolpod removes the need for pool attendant intervention through a wristband which allows the user to control movement in and out of the pool via the Poolpod lift. In less than 20 seconds users can go from poolside to swimming - completely independently.

Incorporated into the system is a custom-designed wheelchair which allows wheelchair users to remain seated until they are comfortable with the water depth, offering huge benefits to both comfort and usability. The design allows users to transfer to the Poolpod wheelchair in the comfort and privacy of the changing room, and has removed the need for people to make a poolside transfer from a wheelchair into an assistant operated hoist.

Any swimmer who finds using a pool ladder inappropriate can use the Poolpod simply, easily and quickly. Poolpod can be used whilst standing too. The pivot action of the lift means access to the pool is fast and reliable. The lift remains level while in use and is stored neatly on the side of the pool. 

Unlike most pool hoists, the Poolpod can accompany two users at one time too offering additional support and comfort if needed, for example for parents with small children or carers accompanying swimmers.

 “Our investment in the award winning Poolpod demonstrates our commitment to offering inclusive sports and offers further inclusive opportunities to take part in physical activity in line with our IFI accreditation and fully inclusive gym. We are really excited to offer Poolpod to increase usage and participation amongst customers who have difficulty accessing either of our two swimming pools.” said Helen Barnett, Chief Executive of Active Luton.

Poolpod is available for use now at Inspire. Customers simply need to speak with reception on their arrival.