Hydra Information Update - Inspire: Luton Sports Village

Welcome to our April edition of Hydra customers information updates


The following information about Hydra courses at Inspire: Luton Sports Village. We want to ensure you are aware of any changes and important information. Including updates on the upcoming courses, 3 and 4.

All courses are continuously assessed which means that we can develop every child at their own pace. Once the teacher identifies that the standards have been met, parents/guardians will be informed to contact reception to arrange a move to the next level. Simple!


Unfortunately rising costs of things like utilities mean that we’ve had to make a small price increase (effective from course 3) as follows:


  • Ducklings & Stages 1-7 new price for the 10 week block will be £51
  • Stages 8-10 new price for the 10 week block will be £61
  • Adults new price for the 10 week block will be £66



New Classes

A new class will be introduced very soon, ‘Water Skills’ will be for those on stage 5 and above ideally for children that want to have a break from the regular LTS programme. This class will include activities such as, poolside diving, use of fins and snorkels, water safety skills, and general swim fitness. All skills ideal for family holiday preparation.


Pool Depth

On week ten our community pool floor will at 0.86m between 16:00 and 18:00 to enable learners to practice basic water and safety skills, this will then aid with confidence in the water.


Learn to Swim starter packs from Swim England

'We are delighted to introduce to you, learn to swim starter packs to help your child on their swimming journey’. The Learn to Swim Starter Pack includes the illustrated story book Discovery Duckling and Friends and a cuddly duckling toy. The book teaches children about the core aquatics skills they will learn about during their first lessons. These are explained with demonstrations from a variety of colourful, friendly animals.

There is also a file to store certificates and badges as they progress through the Swim England Learn to Swim programme. All of these goodies come packaged in a special drawstring bag. The learn to swim starter pack are £14 to buy from our reception.

Re-enrolment dates 

Week commencing 5th May 2018 for course 3 and 14th July 2018 for course 4

Enrolments will last a week starting from the Saturday and running through to the following Friday evening. 

If you don’t re-enrol within this period unfortunately your space is not guaranteed and could be offered to another person. Please remember to make payment either via the email link or at reception, or alternatively by ringing the centre.

Please ensure your registered email is correct to receive this information. Posters and signage will also be displayed around our centres.  All our reception staff are aware of when re-enrolments commence so please do not hesitate to ask on your next visit.



We appreciate that traffic and weather conditions can sometimes be an issues but lateness is becoming an increasing issue. Please be aware that lateness does affect your child’s time in the pool and can cause disruption to lessons.


Parent Portal

When accessing the Parent Portal through a mobile device, you need to scroll to the bottom of the initial page and switch to “full website” when signing in. Changes to Parent Portal are planned for mid-summer which should make the system much easier to use.


Booster Sessions

Please keep an eye out for any booster sessions during the school holidays at all three centres. These are designed to focus on problematic areas of the learn to swim framework. 


To ensure everything goes swimmingly...

Please store clothing and belongings in the coin return lockers provided and do not leave them in the cubicles. If clothing is left unattended in the cubicles, it will be placed in the lockers opposite.

Please note that no refunds or credit notes are given for non-attendance or minor illness, refunds and credit notes will only be considered by the management team with valid medical certificate.




Board of Trustees Vacancies
How is smoking really affecting you?


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Thursday, 24 January 2019

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