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Gain an apprenticeship in Leisure Operations

Apprenticeship job: Leisure Operations 

Award: NVQ Certificate in Active Leisure, Learning and Well-Being Operational Services Level 2

Duration: 12 months

Would you be ready to save a life if you saw someone drowning? Have you ever thought how water in a swimming pool stays clean and safe for the public to swim in? Or how does it get there in the first place? Fascinated by water, this could be the apprenticeship for you.

With this apprenticeship you can also gain experience working on the dry side of a leisure centre and so have the chance to gain all round experience too at our Active Luton leisure centres. 

As an Apprentice you will receive full on the job training and mentoring. You will also work towards qualifications which includes an NVQ Level 2, Technical Certificate and Functional Skills in Maths and English, Level 1

This exciting role will provide you with a thorough knowledge and understanding in leisure operational services and will include working in all aspects of the business - get in touch today and start your new career!

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The course includes:

Lifeguarding, setting up and taking down of equipment, pool plant operations, water testing, cleaning, working with customers and having your own individual area of responsibility.

Case Study: Kieran - Lifeguarding Activity Assistant

Active Luton has four swimming pools to maintain.  Kieran tells us how he has already put one of the new life skills he has learned into action:

‘I like sport, and I was always looking to do something in that area. Lifeguarding seemed like a very good option. I really enjoy the physical activity side of it and setting everything up. It is always quite busy and you’re on your feet a lot.  One of my best achievements was a while ago when I managed to save someone. He was on a course when he panicked and started to drown. I had to jump in and save him, which was very rewarding’.

Case Study: Anna - Lifeguarding Activity Assistant

Anna was all set to go to university but wanted to take a year out, earn some money and also gain a qualification. She is currently undertaking a rotation on reception having completed lifeguarding activities.

‘As a lifeguard you have to be alert all the time and be able to react within seconds and being on reception you get to interact with many customers.  I obtained my National Pool Lifeguard Qualification in 2 months and I also managed to pass the surface dive to 5m test. I am heading for the University of Southampton in September and I will be studying Personal Training and Fitness Management. The apprenticeship has really helped me by exposing me to the environment of a leisure centre. Hopefully when I finish university I might come back and work in the gym’.

Case Study: Markie - Activity Assistant (Dry side)

 0004 Markie

Markie has been with us, working towards his qualification for just a few months now. He wanted to do something that was different to college and wanted to be involved in Leisure for his future career.

‘When I first got the job I was excited to start, overwhelmed and happy to be working in such a good place. All of the training was in-house and it was very helpful. The best aspect is the social side of it: dealing with customers and the team I work with which is very nice, as well. I am enjoying working here and gaining such good experience.’

Case Study: Gabby - Activity Assistant/Lifeguard

 0008 Gabby

Gabby joined Active Luton in October 2015 and she has already gained a number of qualifications through the training she has been given, including a coaching course.

‘I wanted to be earning money while I was learning and I wanted to work in sport so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me. Working at Inspire is great fun. There are lots of people my age and I get to work with on a day to day basis, so it’s good to get to know lots of different faces. Since I started the apprenticeship, I have become a lot more confident and it has allowed me to come out of my shell.’

Case Study: Jack - Activity Assistant/Lifeguard

 0002 Jack

Jack has been with Active Luton since October 2015 and he has acquired a NPLQ, Manual Handling and Health & Safety at work qualifications.

‘I used to swim before I came here but I didn’t have a job , so I thought it would just be the right fit if I could gain a qualification and get paid for it. Since then I have been enjoying it, I have learnt many different skills because of Active Luton, they showed me a lot of love and I feel part of the family. What I enjoyed the most about the apprenticeship was learning new things, how to put someone in the recovery position and find out how to actually save someone’s life.’

Case Study: Tyler - Activity Assistant/Lifeguard

 0000 Tyler

Tyler has always had an interest in sport and leisure and his first job at the Inspire Sports Village has matched the career path he wanted to get into. In only 4 months he has passed his NPLQ, completed his Health & Safety Awareness training and became a qualified lifeguard.

‘When I first got offered the job, I was very happy because it was my first time earning money and getting a qualification out of it as well. We’re always learning new things through watching experienced people and have progressive staff training every month so you go over the NPLQ again, keep refreshing your mind so that you feel competent in what you do. When I finish my apprenticeship I have a strong chance at getting employment here and progress through the company’s different roles, so that’s a great step forward to my future career. Also a great part of my job is in a way providing a service to the community. It’s really important that they feel they can swim in a safe and secure environment.’

Case Study: Robert - Activity Assistant/Lifeguard

 0001 Robert

For almost a year now Robert has been part of the team responsible for monitoring the health and safety of the people in the building and making sure that no one is at risk of injuring themselves.

‘I decided to do this apprenticeship to learn through a practical approach. I wanted a job where I could learn through having hands on experience, instead of sitting in classrooms. We have had a good amount of training; we also go to classes and courses on certain days. So far, the apprenticeship has helped me a lot to develop my organisational skills and progress personally. What I enjoyed the most was the mentoring and tutoring from the people above me and what I will then be able to teach to less experienced people who come to work at the centre.’

Case Study: Nicky - Activity Assistant/Lifeguard

 0007 Nicky

Nicky preferred to learn in an environment where he could perform the tasks himself, instead of just being told how to do them.

‘I chose this apprenticeship because I was looking to become a lifeguard or something that would allow me to work abroad. We have a lot of on-the-job training, which gives us the right support to perform our roles. It’s been great fun so far. I enjoy the people I get to work with and I was very happy to be employed full-time. This showed that I had improved and that I was able to achieve my goals; it made me feel good about myself.’

Case Study: Shannon - Activity Assistant/Lifeguard

 0003 Shanon

Shannon is quite a sporty person and was interested in learning the things that happen behind the scenes in a leisure centre. This apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity for her to find out.

‘I work with a great team of people and I love the fact that I can develop myself and learn new things constantly. I can say that I now have a good knowledge base behind me and will be able to apply this anywhere I would go.’